Match Report - Grimsby Borough

Match Report

Kettering Town Elite made the long trip to Grimsby for their first League Cup match and received a warm welcome from the home team.

On an artificial pitch, the whistle blew for the start of the match and after only 30 seconds The Poppies took Grimsby by complete surprise, as Laura Beckett looked up and with the goalkeeper off her line, lobbed the ball over her outstretched arms and into the back of the net.

Advantage Kettering Town.

The match settled down for the rest of the half with both sides playing good football and attempting to seek out the opposition's net.

With the score 0-1 for the start of the second half, neither team could relax and although Kettering seemed to have more attempts on goal, Grimsby still looked dangerous on the break.  

Time running short, Kettering were determined to hang on to their slim lead, and on the 78th minute, Charlotte Burrows netted the second for Kettering Town to give them a cushion.

This did not deter Grimsby who could still see a way back into the tie, but two minutes into extra time, Kettering showed they were not going to be beaten when Mikaela Welford took the third.

A clean sheet made the long journey worthwhile.

Thank you Grimsby for a brilliant game. 

Team Sheet

Location: Away (Bradley Fields)
Kick Off: 27th Sep 2015
Kettering Town FC
1 Janelle Leone
2 Charlotte Hyams
3 Hannah Cave
4 Fiona Strathern
5 Jo Brandon
6 Hollie Coulson
7 Lauren Currell
8 Laura Smith
9 Laura Beckett
10 Mikaela Welford
11 Charlotte Burrows
Grimsby Borough
1 Rachael Turner
2 Katie Pye
3 Phoebe Lonsdale
4 Lisa Cromey
5 Clodagh Summers
6 Abigail Bendall
7 Nancy Barker
8 Ellie Casson
9 Natalie Aird
10 Tayler Cuthbertson
11 Amy Kay
12 Amy Brown
14 Jayde Sleight