Match Report - Royston Town

Match Report

Three goals in 10 minutes either side of half-time ended our FA Youth Cup dreams for another season at Gardens Walk on Wednesday night.

Everything was looking rosy before the stroke of half-time as the team looked to have played a solid first half with the scores level, but it all changed in the next ten minutes as goals from Middle (45), Hills (53) and Debham (55) put the home team 3-1 up on the night.

Bridge's opener from a header after 8 minutes left us adrift, but we found the spirit for a response as Matty Pickard made it 1-1. 

Lankester added a fifth in the final minutes, as it wasn't to be.

Team Sheet

Location: Away (Gardens Walk)
Kick Off: 07th Oct 2015
Kettering Town FC
1 Micky Kirby
2 Jordan Orosz
3 Dom Whalley
4 Sam Mann
5 Jay Gurney
6 Jack Whittle
7 Ben Baker
8 Josh Scampier
9 Matthew Pickard
10 Tom Stanmore
11 Calvin Owusu
12 Connor Bellamy
Royston Town
1 Sallows
2 Stuart
3 Fleming
4 Hills
5 Bridge
6 Bamforth
7 Arnold
8 Rome
9 Debnam
10 Middle
11 Cruttenden
12 Baulk
14 Owen
15 Fitzgerald
16 Lankester
17 Tokely