Calling the 12th Man

With 9 league games, 3 FA Cup matches and a Senior Cup tie already behind us and hopefully a lot more ahead we need our 12th man scheme more than ever.  We are already seeing the benefits of the scheme with it helping to keep Matthew Stevens on loan to January, Jordan Wright’s month long loan and the club’s confidence in offering Michael Richens his new contract – but we have so much more we want to do.

The next prize draw will be at half time during the Slough match on Saturday 21st, our last home game before we’re currently scheduled for four away fixtures in a row.  We have eyes on some more deals, which would see new faces extend the squad and increase our confidence in retaining those we already have and it’s clear that the 12th man scheme is making a real difference.  Fans are always asking how you can help the club well this is it, joining the scheme means we can really push on, focus on the playing side and we’re certainly seeing the success it brings. 

Remember the price for full membership reduces as each month passes, so full silver membership is now £35 whilst full gold membership is available for £70.  The option to pay monthly is still available at £5 per month for silver membership and £10 per month for gold membership.  If you’re interested in joining the scheme simply send an email to and we’ll get back to you. 

So join now and make sure that you’re in the October draw and more importantly know that you’re making a real difference to the team.

October’s GOLD prize draw will be for 2 tickets on the team coach to an away fixture of your choice (where we’re operating a coach) and remember that could include a cup tie.