How Kettering help Manchester City achive 80million a year sponsorship deal

How Kettering Town may help Manchester City achieve an £80million a year sponsorship deal.

Nowadays it is a common sight to see teams running around with the latest Technology company, betting shop or even a chosen charity name emblazoned across their shirt for all to see. Whether it is Arsenal with Emirates, or the local pub team with “Vince the Barber”, every football team up and down the country, from 4 year olds playing 7 a side football in the local playing fields, to the heady heights of the Premier League, adorns the name of a sponsor. Everyone knows that other than matchday tickets or, for the very lucky few, TV revenue, it is for most clubs the principle revenue earner. What is less known however, is that without Kettering Town Football Club trailblazing the way, it would never have been possible.

This year alone Premier League Football Clubs earned more than £200 million from shirt sponsorship deals. The top ten shirt sponsorship deals in the world account for revenues of over £300million and this year Manchester City are expected to sign a new improved contract worth more than £80 million per season. None of this could have been achieved without Kettering Town and Derek Dougan. The very first deal of its kind netted Kettering Town a princely ‘four figure sum’….. but paved the way for clubs to earn Millions.

In January 1976, Derek Dougan the ‘Doog’ had retired from professional football and took on the role of CEO of Kettering Town Football Club. In one of his first major acts in the role, on the 24th January, Kettering Town Football Club became the first club in the UK to have a sponsor on the front of their shirts. At home to Bath City, it was just before 3:00pm when the players ran onto the pitch with ‘Kettering Tyres’ blazoned across their shirts and history was in the making.

The following week after the shirts had been worn again away at Weymouth the FA ordered the removal of the logo. Dougan, duly removed four letters, claiming that ‘Kettering T’ stood for Kettering Town. The FA were not impressed and reiterated its order, Kettering Town were threatened with a £1,000 fine, so the logo was removed. The following season both Derby County and Bolton Wanderers along with Kettering Town applied for the right to carry sponsorship on their shirts, eventually, in June 1977 the FA conceded, unfortunately Kettering Town were unable to attract a sponsor. The rest as they say is history. And what a history it has been since 1976 Shirt Sponsorship has become major business. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the historical moment in UK football, Kettering Town will be wearing replica Kettering Tyres shirts for the home game against Stratford Town on Saturday January 16th and the away game at Weymouth on Saturday 23rd January 2016.

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