We are delighted to confirm that The Exiles are sponsoring this season's away travel. This is the second time this group of supporters have come together to help the club in this way.

Organiser Clive Blanchard commented: 'After some time re-contacting members of our group some 25 of them are joining together to raise funds on a monthly basis to help. Our members all live away from Kettering and some even live abroad. A number will not even get to see the club play, but nevertheless are keen to donate money to the club. Regular payments will be made to the Club during the season and in addition we also hope to sponsor a game or two. We are not a closed group and anyone else interested can contact Exile and Club President Ken Samuel at'

Club Commercial Director, Martin Bellamy welcomed the returning sponsors and added: 'The Club is very grateful for this sponsorship and we believe that we are benefiting from a very loyal band of fans in a unique way. The money being raised will help towards financing this season's increased travelling distances'.