Once again we are inviting all fans to put their questions to the Board, initially over the course of the next 6 days (to close of business at midnight on 23rd June) and responses will be made as soon as possible after that.

Only questions raised by fans giving their names and contact details will be considered and those names will be quoted, as part of the question which is published, along with the answer from the club. Questions on a similar theme may be grouped together for expediency.

We wish to be as open as possible with our fans, but there may be times when we may be unable to answer a question. For example when matters are private or there is simply no current answer. We aim to answer at the first time of asking- but some responses may have to be delayed.

Club President, Ken Samuel, has agreed to take and collate questions to be put to the Board, who will then publish the outcomes. 

Please email ken.samuel@ketteringtownfc.com with your questions and contact details. 

*It may not be possible to acknowledge every question individually straight away due to Ken being on holiday!