President's appeal update

I am very pleased to report that my initial target of £10,000 has been achieved after just 13 days with the amount now standing at a fantastic £10,110.

This is due to 63 different donations over the period and some great generosity of both current fans, and those who were fans and have moved away from the area.  My sincere thanks are due to all donors and this week I have received contributions from:

K Ambrose in memory of  R Ambrose

M Avery

ATG Burwell

E Burwell

R Bellamy

A Bland in memory of Dr R Bland

C Bosworth

R J Beeby

K Brown and H Mayes

D Davis

P Dix

D & P Dunham

D Eddy

R Edis

H Fuller (will be 92 years young tomorrow)

D & P Hall

M Hopkins

C Kirk

B & M Lewin

M Payne & Family ('Poppies Paynes')

R Scott

M Sharrock

R Shatford

D Thomas

N Tingle

A Townsend

D Tressler

P & G E Wilson

T Wright

H Young

I have received even more pledges and have therefore decided to keep the appeal going for a while longer.

I have been in contact with club Chairman, David Mahoney, who has pledged to keep all supporters updated on all matters KTFC as soon as the overall picture becomes clear. With the National League and FA still to make crucial decisions on the finalisation of the 2019/20 season, and still no sign of any income coming into the Club, despite the pledge of the Premier League to 'advance payments' to the EFL and National Leagues, the club still needs cash.  Vital income has been lost from 3 scheduled home league games up to now, and another 3 'pay days' will be lost up to and and including Saturday 25th April.

I asked David where our donations have been used (all donations go directly to the Club):

The cash has been used and is currently being used to cover day to day bills -  accrued utility bills, gas, electricity and water, business rates and waste removal; accrued suppliers bills such as programmes, insurances, ground and pitch maintenance and also a contribution to the new concrete terracing started before the lockdown.  Your cash has allowed the club to settle bills to small suppliers which is crucial for them to survive this period.

I hope the Club will be able to update us on the overall position shortly.

In the meantime there is a hope that I can achieve my next target - up to £12,500 in the next week or so and I will update again next Sunday.

Donations can be made direct to the Bank:

Kettering Town FC Management Limited

HSBC Kettering


Account number 81305646

Quoting reference: PRESAPP


Or you can contact me for alternative methods to pay at:

A massive thank you from me,

Ken Samuel