This week the Fence Funds went through the £10k milestone and currently stands at £10,050.00

We might be able to squeeze in just one more fence panel sponsor, but that’s about it. We have 30 or so posts available at £20.

The gates are expected to be in place this week.

Many thanks for your incredible support.

A few great fence stats:

The fence stretches around 270 metres long, this excludes the stands and shed, just the wooden bits.

There are 1720 featheredge lengths of timber, 175mm wide x 1.8 metres long.

128 posts, 100 x 100mm x 2.4 metres longs, 386 rails, 100 x 100mm x 2.0 metres long, 127 gravel boards 150mm x 2.0 metres long.

More bags of concrete than we could be bothered to count.

We bent one monster auger trying to dig holes on the drought hardened Latimer park turf.

We have 2 double gates, one is 4 metres wide the other 3 metres wide.

We have 3 single gates, mainly used by the ball boys.

If all the timber was laid out end to end it would stretch 4.4 kilometres.

That would stretch, as the crow flies, from the centre circle at Latimer Park all the way to The Earl of Dalkeith pub in Kettering Town centre.

We have 134 fence sponsors, 75 post sponsors.

Over 200 sponsors plaques have been put place.

Up the Poppies.