Match Procedures Pitches 2 and 3

Kettering Town FC - Covid-19 Match Procedures (Action Plan)
Latimer Park – Pitches 2 & 3
In line with Government Guidance, all participants should check for symptoms of
Covid-19 prior to arriving at the venue.
All participants should follow best practice for travelling to the venue in accordance with Government
Where possible, player, match officials and coaches must arrive changed and shower at home. Bring your own
identified drink, hand sanitiser and medication with you. Coaches to bring their own PPE and clean equipment.
No communal drink bottles or shared first aid will be available.
Changing Rooms will be open only for individuals not already changed. No team meetings or player
congregation will be allowed in the changing rooms. Valuables may be left in the changing rooms which will be
locked during the game.
Entrance to the ground will be via the single gate by the ‘burger van’ entrance adjacent to the rear Clubhouse
entrance. A one-way system is being operated in the ground and you will be directed left around the main
Once in the ground there will be hand sanitiser, wipes, paper towels and a bin to dispose of towels. All players
entering the ground to use this upon arrival keeping at a 2-metre distance. Toilet facilities are available at this
location with hand washing, hand gel and disposable paper towels.
Following use of the facilities, proceed along the one-way system entering the rear grassed area and pitch 2
through the gate at the top left of the ground at the ‘Morrisons’ end. Players to join their team at their
designated area as shown in the map overview.
Players are requested to leave their drinks bottles in the management area only at a 2m distance apart.
Preferably leave all other belongings in your car.
No respect handshakes prior to kick off. No contact goal celebrations. No team talk huddles. Training bibs to
be washed before the match and the marker cones and balls wiped down with sanitiser. Players are asked not
to handle the ball or equipment during the warm up session apart from the goalkeeper who must have their
gloves on. If you must cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow and not your hands. Hand sanitisers,
wipes and paper towels will be available at each area. Coaches will have PPE available for emergency first aid
treatment, although strict guidelines will be adhered to for treatment. NO SPITTING.
At the end of the match, the manager will observe social distancing during the de-brief. Players will exit
through the gate at the opposite end to which they arrived following the one-way system and leaving the
ground through the tunnel. Please use the hand sanitiser at the tunnel before exiting the ground. If you need
to return to the changing rooms, enter individually to collect your belongings. The clubhouse will be open for
drinks after the match.
By competing in the match, players and officials are accepting the procedures laid out above and will abide by
them accordingly.